Im Frühjahr 2019 wird der Ruff'n'Tuff B-Wurf erwartet!

Wir erwarten sportliche, arbeitsfreudige Welpen, die sich sowohl für diverse Hundesportarten, als auch für die Arbeit am Vieh eignen!

Jamiros Besitzerin schreibt über ihn:

Jamiro is my one in a million dog. I absolutely love his work ethic, his passion, devotion and versatility. He has everything I was ever looking for in a sport dog. Is very athletic, won with border collies many many times a lot of time-based dogfrisbee games. He is also really effective and impressive at the same time. His way of being so task-oriented at competitions makes him a really aussome dog in any venue. Since puppyhood I'd never need to work on his ability to focus on me, he had natural retrieving and loooves to tug from the beginning. He is very high-drived but at the sae time he is thinking. And that's his weapon. He is not overreacting, overexciting etc. during the work (or anywhere else). He is always focus and ready, but never loose his brain. Our main thing is dogfrisbee. He is amazing in every type of frisbee competition- won a lot of long-distances games (f.e.was 2nd in Polish Championship, 3rd in European Championship)- he can follow the disc very precisely, almost never miss them in the air and know how to use his speed. At time-based games he is very fast, turns in a place just after catch the disc and is 200% focused all the time. At freestyle he makes a really big impression by his speed and agile, he is like a turbo-powered at our rounds. And what is important- he can play with anyone and has a lot of succeses with my friends- just I need to be next to the field 😉 We also doing some obedience, just to kill the boredom at the winter-breaks, and passed class 0 in obedience and BH exam with an exc notes. My obi-freak-friends told me he could be a really great dog in this. When Jam was one year old we were at agility course where he was awesome, this type of thinking dog who reads his handler very well and doesn't make mistakes. At herding all of trainers we have worked told me he has a potential to be an amazing herder, but I don't have enough time to train him regullary. Still he has passed FCI exams HWT and IHT1 which he ends up on a podium, and also ASCA trials were a lot of success for us. Both border collies and working aussies trainers was under big impression of his natural abilities in this field. He is very sensitive dog who has really big will-to-please, what makes him, together with his drive, a fantastic coworker. He was working also on TV sets, playing in commercials or music video, and these very hard conditions when you are spending long hours in different places at night or day with a thousands of strangers with some weird equipment doesn't make an impression on him- he was doing his job the best he can and that's all.
At daily life he is rather calm dog. Type of philosopher. Always think before do. He is a lot one-owner dog. Maybe even a little too much 😉 Besides me he has a few people he loves but still he doesn't like if I'm not next to him. For strangers he is very reserved, has strong guardian instinct. He is doing very well with other dogs, avoid conflicts, using calming signals. Jam is not a type of happy-funny dog at work or life, but has his clown-moments at home 🙂 And really looooves to cuddle. He is a soft mommy-boy with a big heart to any kind of work.
His puppies from first litter in Lucky Aussies kennel are doing great in their new families where are training for obedience, frisbee, agility or herding.